1503, 2022

Beginners guide to Skincare

Considering the number of skin care products available nowadays, it’s quite understandable that many are confused about how to start their personal routine. Choosing the right type of product and ingredients can be quite intimidating for a newbie, and it gets even worse when you try to get inspiration from beauty influencers, as their routines [...]

2001, 2022

DIBI Milano Ireland

DIBI Milano is part of the Alfaparf Group, an Italian cosmetics giant that is renowned for its cutting-edge research, innovative products and their overall effort to make premium cosmetics more available to the average consumer. The DIBI Milano line was inspired, as the name suggests, by the city of Milan. The name of the city [...]

601, 2022

Facial hair removal – What are my options?

Ability to improve one’s own appearance in line with your personal taste and preferences is one that greatly influences not just the way a person looks but, rather more importantly, the way they feel. We at Poppies Beauty Boutique are here to make that wish come true and help you look your best so [...]