DIBI Milano is part of the Alfaparf Group, an Italian cosmetics giant that is renowned for its cutting-edge research, innovative products and their overall effort to make premium cosmetics more available to the average consumer.

The DIBI Milano line was inspired, as the name suggests, by the city of Milan. The name of the city evokes pictures of high fashion, beauty, and an overall feel of luxury and decadence that can hardly be described with words – and it’s exactly that essence that the skin and body care from DIBI Milano reflects.

It’s science packed into luxurious tubes and pots, each of them being answers to aesthetic criticalities of face and body, backed by meticulous research and proven to be efficient and, most importantly, safe. DIBI Milano does not offer a “one size fits all” solution, but a custom tailored one for each and every person.

What DIBI Milano products are right for me?

No two people are the same, and neither are their skins. They can be similar, but never the same. It is therefore extremely hard to create a skincare line that will suit everyone. Even if the symptoms are similar, the causes and therefore the treatments will differ significantly. Take dry and dehydrated skin for example – you might think they’re the same thing, but those issues require different solutions.

It’s quite similar with anti-aging care, as there are a lot of factors that cause premature skin ageing, and there are as many symptoms. Someone might be having issues with pigmentation due to ageing, some get drier skin, some get wrinkles, and even those can be caused by several conditions.

So you see, there isn’t always an easy answer for questions like these, but luckily we now have one. If you are uncertain what it is your skin needs, then you can book FREE SKIN CONSULTATION with our DIBI Milano expert. Using the most modern technologies and scientific principles, they will examine your skin and explain in detail what products you might need to get the full potential out of your natural beauty.

Which line within DIBI Milano is best for anti-ageing?

As we age, our skin changes. That’s just a fact of life. The speed in which it does, however, is not dependent on biology alone, but on a lot of external factors. Sun exposure, diet and other lifestyle choices impact the health and look of our skin quite a bit. The good part? These changes are preventable and some even reversible.

Combating early signs of ageing

So what product is best for you? That depends on how far along in the process you are. If you are in your mid 20s or early 30s, your skin is still able to protect itself from environmental factors such as UV rays or free radicals, but you might already be seeing some small wrinkles or slight pigmentation, as the natural defences are starting to weaken.

If so, you should take a look at the Dibi Milano Acid Infusion No-Age Restructuring Cream SPF30, as it is designed to help your skin combat those external factors, while also helping it restore collagen and elastin – two of the proteins that make your skin look firm and supple. It also has soothing and moisturising properties, to keep your skin looking radiant.

If you are closer to your 40s you might want to take a look at the Dibi Milano Lift Creator Peptide Concentrate which is an extraordinary serum that, when used regularly, can help smoothen the first lines around the eyes or mouth. In addition to its anti-aging properties, it’s also packed with Hyaluronic acid, which is a well-known humectant helping your skin bind water, giving it a fresh, smooth and supple look.

What line in DIBI Milano targets dry and dehydrated skin?

Whilst we’re on the topic of humectants – did you know that a lot of the lines and general changes that appear on our skin that people associate with ageing are actually caused by other factors, such as dehydrated skin?

What to do about dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated skin is, as mentioned before, not the same as dry skin. The key difference here is, that dehydrated skin is an acute condition caused by, well, the lack of water in the skin. Every skin type can become dehydrated due to environmental factors. So if your skin feels drier than usual, is itchy, dull looking and showing a few thin lines then it might just be dehydrated.

If that is the case, you’ll want a rich serum packed with humectants, such as the DiBi Milano Hydra Perfection Extreme Moisturisation Concentrate With Hyaluronic Acid. It contains hyaluronic acid, but also urea, which is another fantastic ingredient that will help your skin hold on to water. The serum itself has an oil free and light texture, so your skin won’t feel greasy or become shiny.

What about dry skin?

Dry skin, on the other hand, is not a condition, but a skin type. Dry skin is usually caused not by a lack of moisture, but by a lack of sebum (or natural oils) in the skin. These act as a barrier protecting the skin from external factors, but they also prevent your skin from losing moisture. If your skin is lacking that barrier, it can start to feel itchy, look flaky and it can even cause irritations or redness.

In order to help your skin restore that barrier, you will want skin care that will both hydrate it, and provide it with oils that are similar to the natural ones it is lacking. A great example of such a product would be the Dibi Milano Hydra Perfection Active Moisturiser Cream. Apart from its hydro complex, it also contains sweet almond oil. This precious oil has been used for centuries to treat dry skin conditions, and even eczemas, because it is not only packed with vitamins and other nutrients, but also has anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces swelling and redness of the skin and makes it radiant again.

If you are still unsure if your skin is dry or dehydrated, book a FREE SKIN CONSULTATION with one of our experts now. The only way to treat your skin properly is to get to know it. Once you recognize your skin’s specific needs, you can give it the love it deserves and DIBI Milano’s products are the best tools to do so.