Ability to improve one’s own appearance in line with your personal taste and preferences is one that greatly influences not just the way a person looks but, rather more importantly, the way they feel. We at Poppies Beauty Boutique are here to make that wish come true and help you look your best so you can feel your best.

And where better to start than your face?

Instinctively, the first thing anyone notices on a person is their face. It is the basis of first impressions, the closest friend from the mirror and the component of all those photos that make up your memories. So why not make sure that unwanted facial hair does not impede your self confidence and prevent you from enjoying every experience to the fullest?

How can I remove facial hair?

The two most successful ways of removing facial hair are by wax or laser. We are pleased to confirm that here at Poppies Beauty Boutique we offer both of these options, depending on the preferences of our clients.

Wax facial hair removal

By waxing, we can remove facial hair from your lips, chin and/or sides of face, leaving your skin smooth and hair-free for as long as 4 to 5 weeks, depending on your individual speed of hair growth. For optimal results, the process should be repeated only after that period, which is beneficial for all those of you who consider individual hair plucking way too time-consuming.

Additional advantage of waxing is that with every treatment the hair becomes weaker and scarcer, leaving your skin smoother for a longer time and the whole process of hair removal more convenient and pleasant.

The product we use

Our Waxperts hot wax is a great match for all of those with sensitive skin or those who simply want to use as mild yet efficient products as possible. The reason why we love hot wax so much is that its structure allows it to wrap around the hair and lift it up from the follicle, avoiding any potential hair breakage and remains, without discomforting the skin. Removal is performed by simply peeling the hot wax off which leaves only the smooth skin.

How much does wax facial hair removal cost?

For more information about waxing services we provide, please visit this webpage. There you can also find all the details regarding the prices.

Laser facial hair removal

Another option that we at Poppies offer is laser facial hair removal. This technique is quite popular with our clients because it eventually grants permanent results which also makes it extremely time-saving. It is an ideal option for all the busy people who want to look their best at any given time and don’t want to worry about managing frequent treatments and procedures and fitting them into their packed schedule.

Nonetheless, since no good thing can happen overnight, for optimal results you will need 6-10 treatments, depending on various personal circumstances such as hair type, the speed of growth, the area that is being treated as well as several other health and medication factors.

However, in addition to the permanence of its results, laser facial hair removal is also very popular because it is the most comfortable technique available and its mildness makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

The machine we use

Aiming to provide the best quality service, we use the most advanced technologies and medical grade Epildream Diode Laser Machine. This also allows us to treat all skin types safely and effectively. Additionally, our innovative and exclusive water chiller cooling system makes the treatment even safer and more pleasant than ever before for all our clients who choose laser facial hair removal.

Does laser hair removal work on blonde facial hair?

The way that the laser machine works is that it responds to the dark pigment in the hair, so naturally, the more pigment there is the more efficient the results of the removal will be. However, light hair colors, such as blonde, red, gray or their variations, contain less pigment which might negatively influence the effectiveness of the treatment. This is also why we urge all our clients to book their consultation so we can jointly determine which technique would be the most suitable for them – completely free of charge.

How much is laser facial hair removal?

For more detailed information about the price of our services, please feel free to request your free consultation. We’ll gladly answer all the questions you may have and provide our recommendations specifically catered to your individual needs.

In addition to that, we are very happy to announce that we offer weekly payments on all our laser hair removal treatments. If you are interested in that option, please contact Poppies at 01 201 5962.